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Linville Falls Waterfalls

Cross Creek Log Cabin Rentals are located within minutes of multiple trailheads that lead to the beautiful Linville Falls Waterfalls, which are contained within the 12,000 acre Linville Gorge Wilderness Area. Trailheads to the Waterfalls can be reached from two locations near Cross Creek Cabins:

  1. The US Forest Service parking area off of Wiseman’s View Road (the intersection of Wiseman’s View Road and NC Hwy 183 is one-fifth mile from Cross Creek Cabins.)
  2. The Linville Falls Waterfalls Visitor Center parking area, off of the Blue Ridge Parkway between milepost markers 316 and 317. The Village of Linville Falls is accessed off the Parkway at milepost 317.5.

Dugger’s Creek

Dugger’s Creek Falls is a small 10-foot waterfall tucked away in a beautiful cove a short walk from the Linville Falls Visitor Center parking lot, accessed off of the Blue Ridge Parkway, between mileposts 316 and 317. Only 3/10 mile long, the Dugger’s Creek Trail is an easy walk which allows the explorer to view lush foliage and a multitude of wildflowers. The bridge over the spur road is also a great vantage point to view the cascading Dugger’s Creek.

Linville Falls, NC 

Linville Falls (2.8 miles): This hike offers five different perspectives of the waterfalls in two short sections. The first section, known as the Erwin's View Trail, takes you to three overlooks where you'll appreciate the power of the water that carved the gorge (1.8 miles Round Trip). The second section offers views of the lower falls as it plunges into a basin and then into Linville River itself (1.0 mile Round Trip). Additionally, there's another trail (1.4 miles Round Trip) that leads you to Linville Gorge from this trailhead as well.

Hiking trails abound around Cross Creek Cabins that allow countless opportunities to explore these majestic vistas and many other natural phenomena. The National Park Service offers a simple map that outlines the hiking trails around Linville Falls. A sample of the NPS map, with Cross Creek Cabins marked, is found below.

The original map, along with detailed descriptions of the Linville Falls Waterfalls hiking trails, can be found on the NPS web site at

Linville Falls Hiking Map from the National Park Service, with Cross Creek Log Cabin Rentals marked near the intersection of Hwy 183 and Wiseman’s View Road. Cross Creek Cabins are perfectly situated to be a home base -- the ideal jumping off spot for multiple opportunities for endless adventures. The views of both the Waterfalls and the stunning Linville Gorge combine to make the Linville Falls hiking trails among the best loved in western NC. The Linville Gorge has often been called the Grand Canyon of the East.

Linville River and Bridge Over Linville River

The Linville River flows from its headwaters high on the steep slopes of Grandfather Mountain and cascades through two waterfalls as it begins a nearly 2,000 foot descent through the rugged and spectacularly beautiful Linville Gorge. Known by the Cherokee as “the river of many cliffs,” the Linville River is within walking distance of Cross Creek Cabins.

Wiseman’s View -- Linville Gorge

Perched nearly 1500 feet above the Linville River, Wiseman's View overlooks the deepest gorge in the eastern U.S. From this vantage
point, one experiences the magnificence of the rugged Linville Gorge with both Hawksbill Mountain and Table Rock in the distance.
Wiseman's View is accessed by driving 4 miles along an often rutted rock and dirt road to a parking area. A short paved path leads to
the Overlook. The entrance of Wiseman’s View Road is one-fifth of a mile from Cross Creek Cabins.

Stone Overlook at Wiseman’s View. – Hawksbill Mountain on Left and Table Rock on Right.

Linville Gorge is one of Eastern U.S.'s most scenic and rugged gorges, created by the scouring action of the Linville River. Sometimes referred to as the "Grand Canyon of East," the steep walls of the Gorge enclose the Linville River for 12 miles. Elevation ranges from 4,000 feet atop Hawksbill Mountain to 2,000 feet at the river on the valley floor. The 12,000-acre Linville Gorge Wilderness Area is part of the Pisgah National Forest. Numerous hiking opportunities exist along Wiseman’s View Road and throughout Linville Gorge.

Wiseman’s View -- Brown Mountain Lights

The Wiseman’s View Overlook has a spectacular daytime view of Linville Gorge. Visit after dark for a chance to glimpse the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights. Take a flashlight to light your way along the short trail to the Overlook. The view is to the east, looking over Table Rock and Hawksbill Mountains. Brown Mountain is beyond that ridge, a low peak in the distance.

The Brown Mountain Lights are a series of luminous phenomena reported sporadically for many years near Brown Mountain. Some of the earliest reports of the Lights came from Cherokee and Catawba Indians, early settlers, and Civil War soldiers. Thousands have witnessed the mysterious dancing lights -- they have been investigated three times by the U.S. government and countless times by private groups. Appalachian State University has conducted numerous scientific studies of the Lights.

The Lights were featured in a 1999 episode of the X-Files; a Sci-Fi movie was made about them in 2014. There are several easy-to- find viewing spots in the Linville Gorge area, with the Wiseman’s View Overlook being the most popular. The lights are most often reported as small, star-like dots of dancing lights of a brightness comparable to stars. Some viewers report that the Lights are often best seen after a summer rain storm. For more info, check out the comprehensive site at


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